Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teacher Schmeacher

My pre-teaching adventure has begun and swept me up like a whirlwind. This week began my first week volunteering in a second grade classroom at Marks Meadow elementary school right next to UMass. I help out in the classroom for four hours every Mon/Wed/Fri and after two days of going in, I can happily say that I am really enjoying the kids! My favorite time of the day is their lunch period, so obviously not much has changed since I was sitting in the desks! But I'm sure this experience will help prepare me for teaching this upcoming fall, since Teach for America has assigned me to an elementary level classroom. I'm a bit nervous for the big move to Philadelphia this summer, but I'm totally not going into that right now...

Speaking of teaching this fall, I found out last night that I didn't pass one of the Praxis II exams I took in January. Actually, I had anticipated failing this one, because the subject matter was Elementary Curriculum and Skills, or something bull-shit like that. As I have no background in education and have taken no courses, and to further that I BARELY studied (if at all) using the prep book I bought, I wasn't surprised. I'll have to retake it next month during the first weekend of Spring Break (what a great start to spring break "senior year" I know). However, for the other two Praxis exams that I took, I scored in the highest percentile on them, so at least I can be proud for that aspect.

My semester is off to a rocky start as well. Knowing that I already have a job secured for the fall, and that I already have my total credits and degree credits accounted for does not motivate me to study. This is basically an "odds and ends" semester just to fulfill the requirements for an honors history track through Commonwealth and study some more Chinese. I just need to get my head in the game and take it out of the clouds, but it doesn't help that all I want to do is sleep all afternoon after I get home from Marks Meadow!

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