Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off Color

Thanks to my new recent following of Scott Baio on Twitter, I am no longer placing myself under the term of "white" and I will instead place myself under "Mediterranean."

In my opinion, the "racial" term of "white", which hopes to encompass all "white" Americans, Europeans, Russians, etc. has absolutely no meaning and instead strips those who fall under the category of any significant heritage. On racial questions for surverys and job placements, there are a myriad of choices for people of Latino, Asian, and Middle Eastern decent, but for anyone of European heritage, you fall simply under "white/Caucasian". Well no more for this one!

My heritage is Italian, and therefore I should not have to fall under the generic term of "white" which I feel has no cultural meaning, and is in my eyes, borderline racist. For example, if you are of Chinese heritage and are born in America, you are thereby American by nationality but your race is still Chinese/Asian. Well, my family comes from Italy, and while I consider myself American, my heritage is still Italian which therefore makes me Mediterranean.

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