Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Take a Diversity

America claims to want to be all about unity and similarity, yet continues to divide its people and force them to label themsevles. At the same time, the nation continues to stick firmly to a policy of affirmative action which calls for diverse quotas in school districts, colleges, and the workplace. Yet are these quotes being filled merely for the diversity, while the merit takes a backseat?

America forces its people to take on an identity other than being American. For instance, my ancestors came from Italy four generations ago in 1915. I don't speak Italian, I have never been to Italy, and I have no contact with any family members who may or may not still be over there. Does that make me an Italian-American? Yet to the common folk I am seen as just "white". What is wrong with having white skin? In today's America, there is reverse racism against white people, for instance, assuming that white people are not diverse or cultured, and continuing to blame white people for past imperialism. Should I feel bad that white Europeans occupied most of the globe centuries ago? Should I be remorseful for American slavery against Africans that were not even committed by any of my ancestors (all of whom were in Italy until at least half a century after emancipation).

Forcing people to identify their ethnicity further alienates white people. For example, African Americans and Asian Americans who have lived in America for generations and have little if any ties to their ancestral nations continue to be placed in these categories solely because of their skin color and features. Yet white Americans are lumped into the "white/causasian" category with no regard for where they came from, making a white South African the same as someone from the Mediterranean or Russia.

By not speaking about racism and causing race to be so taboo in America only makes racism a bigger issue.

I wish I had created a White Student Association...

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