Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tied Downtown

With my hectic summer coming up, I'm becoming more and more skeptical to having the next two years of my life tied down. And it's not that I would not love to be teaching, but I'm questioning the sort of teaching I will be doing. After working at Mark's Meadow this semester and watching the inner workings of the first grade class I help out in, I can only assume that my experience will in no way begin to measure up to the ability of these students and the fun they have.

And my travel sense is picking up lately and I'm wishing I had instead opted to travel abroad once more to either China or South Korea to teach English. I would love to spend some time, while I'm still young, in South Korea working while I study the culture and language at the same time, meeting new people and exploring.

I'm excited to teach elementary students and transform my classroom into a fun environment for myself and them. I'm excited to finally make some money, to live on my own and have an apartment, and to move beyond college. But at the same time I'm very skeptical about the work that will be involved and the "special" work that will go along with working under Teach for America. And while I'm excited to move to Philadelphia, I'd much rather go abroad (as I stated above).

I think what's really got me down is this ridiculous "speaking math" online course they have me taking. It's utterly pointless and ill-structured. I'm sure nothing from the course will be retained once it ends, and from what I've seen so far, it doesn't seem like it is going to be very practical.

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