Thursday, April 15, 2010

Floor 16

Yes, I did break out my credit card from the block of ice this past week. Sadly it was not for a fun or exciting reason. Instead it was because I had to use it to register for the Praxis II exam that I am re-taking for a third time. And that damn exam took another $155 from me, $75 of which was just for a late registration fee. Damn you monster!

I have an exam in a few hours in my Paris Through the Centuries course. He posted all the questions online last week, and you would think I'd be comfortable with them all by now, but I'm not. I'm meeting a friend in the class for lunch before the class and hopefully talking about it will help me to retain some of the information. But I am so proud of myself because last night I wrote almost all of my paper for my Ancient Greek hsistory class in under two hours, and it's not even due until tomorrow night. So thankfully, knowing I have a busy day tonight, I won't have to worry as much.

PSP is going to the Arbors tonight for a spring fling dance with the elderly!
And in exciting news: I am joining Phi Betta Kappa :)

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