Monday, April 12, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham

So NERC weekend came and went, and all I can say is that I had an amazing time. I went to every event and I had a blast bonding with my own Phi Sigma Pi brothers and the visiting brothers from other chapters in our region. The road race went off well on Saturday morning, and then Saturday afternoon we relaxed, napped, and got lunch in Amherst center. After that we had the scavenger hunt at night which was ridiculous, to say the least. My team had a lot of fun and we ended up winning by a longshot. After that Eric had a party at his place and I have to admit that I got pretty messy that night, but had a good time nonetheless.

And now that it's over I'm back to the stress of having none of my work done, and having a Praxis II exam breathing down my next that I can't even register for. I don't even know what I'm going to do and I feel like Teach For America is going to kill me for putting off registering to the point that the Boston locations filled up and now there are no exam seats available.

Today the first graders I work with had an extra block of time for an afternoon recess, and I had such a fun time playing with them outside. I joined a group of the boys in playing freeze tag and it was just really fun to see them enjoying themselves and laughing while I acted like a fool and nearly keeled over because I'm so out of shape. 

And in random news, Chelsea Handler's new book "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" is hilarious! I am almost finished with it and it's just as good as her other two.

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