Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hot as Ice

My outlook on life has changed drastically since I froze my credit card in a block of ice a few weeks ago. Since then I have greatly curbed the amount of money I spend, especially on alcoholic beverages. I am planning to leave it frozen until move-out day in the middle of May. Although I do feel rather vulnerable not having that crutch there for rely on. Some have asked why I didn't just cut it up: and I asnwer that my credit card is like my baby! Consider the big freeze as a little "time out" for him, but I would never want to see him destroyed! I may need him in the future...

I determined a paper topic for my "Paris through the Centuries" final project. I am planning to write about the role and status of bakers in pre-French Revolution Paris. Because the price of bread determined the anger of the people towards the government, the bakers were often the first to feel the brunt of the people's anger, and often were met with harsh ends. And when King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were rounded up, the people often referred to them as "the baker and the baker's wife" - and we can't forget the famous quote of Marie's when she heard the peasants were clamoring for more bread: "let them eat cake!" (even though she didn't really say this and this was created by the media to destroy her image). So I'm pretty pumped to dig into that research paper.

On Monday, the weather was really nice out and I was working at Marks Meadow. Because the kids were behaving well, the teacher decided to allow them to have an extra recess right before dismissal. Usually their recess occurs when I'm in class in the mornings, so this was my first time going outside with the first graders. And might I say, I had such a blast with them! I was pushing kids wildly on the swings, and then a group of them ran up to me and got me to chase them around the playground. The kids are so fun to be around and I really enjoy the time I spend in that classroom. My favorite time of the day is lunch when I can sit with them and discuss topics such as recent kids movies, Mario Kart, Wii, and a myriad of other crazy topics that only kids can think up!

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