Sunday, June 13, 2010


Oh, one more thing. There is this story plaguing the Boston Globe recently about this student who scammed Harvard (and maybe Princeton too) to get accepted into their school. It said he faked his resume by saying he could speak languages he couldn't, and that he did all this research and lecturing that he never actually did either.

What I fail to understand is, if you, HARVARD, are accepting a student into your school (and I think it was even for graduate school), and giving them grants/scholarships, etc., why are you not FOLLOWING UP on their achievements? Why is the school making such a fuss when to me it comes off as THEIR FAILURE not to have verified his past work and research? How is that anyone's fault but their own? Or are colleges so concerned with tuition and money that they have failed to even take into account the merits that allow students to progress through our education system...?

And furthermore, Boston Globe, I hate how you devoted an entire article about how "diversified" and "from what meager beginnings and distant lands" Boston's valdictorians came from. I mean, congratulations to all of them, truly, but must you keep pounding diversity and counter-racism on everyone!? It doesn't matter where someone comes from or what their skin color is, anyone has the right to succeed and we shouldn't have to glorify or highlight someone who succeeds just because they are of another nationality. To me, that points out their differences and causes more of a rift between people and their nationalities.

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