Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mass Bay

I really hate sport obsessions. I never understand how people become so fascinated with sports. Sure I love competitive sports, but usually only on an international scale, such as the Olympics, and a little love for the ongoing World Cup in South Africa. But the one thing I hate, are fair-weathered fans - those who pay little if any attention to sports during the season, but then when a said teams enters the finals/playoffs/etc. these fans come out of the woodwork and freak out. I am proud of the Boston Celtics because I love my city, but I am not paying any attention to the games or anything of that sort.

If anything, I want these games to end so the subways can be cleared of the Celtics fans who flock to the city from the outlying areas and walk around dazed and confused even though the MBTA is the most easy system to navigate through...morons.

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