Thursday, June 3, 2010


This oil mess down in Lousiana is really getting me down. It's such a joke what we have allowed oil companies to do in this world. First they hoard oil to keep supply low so that the prices rise for the average consumer, while they make billions. Then they refuse to allow car companies and governments to pass clean energy bills and funds to support hybrid cars. Then lobbyists and oil companies help push our country into a disasterous war in the Middle East to obtain more oil. And they continually rape our planet to obtain more oil and then fuck it up with huge disasters like this, wasting the "precious" commodity and destroying our ecosystems.

At least the government is responding harshly to this "mishap."

I have had it with oil having this death grip on humanity. I don't drive and many people make fun of me for that, but there is a part my not having a license that stems back to oil and politics. I refuse to waste all my hard-earned money (or lack thereof right now) on gasoline and oil and then polluting my planet in return. I'm not saying that I am against driving and cars altogther (I mean we do have to get around), but I am at least making a slight difference by having one less car on the road. It always enrages me when I see families with four or more cars in their driveways, one for each kid and parent. Only in America...

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