Friday, June 18, 2010

Sports Bar

Last night I found myself in a sports bar right outside of Fenway Park for the final game of the NBA (playoffs?) things, right when a Sox game was letting out. Why on earth would I be there, you may ask? Because I love seeing my friends (even if I could only handle it for about an hour and a half before I left). I can tolerate hockey and baseball, but I have no love for the NBA (or basketball in general), and even with the screaming and excited fans I still found myself bored with the game. So I said goodbye to my friends around ten, jumped on the train at Kenmore, and was home an hour later.

And to top it all off, I've had a perpetual headache since Wednesday night. I'm afraid that it might be caused by my wisdom teeth, because the top two are now about a third of the way showing and everyone keeps saying how they can either (a) become infected, or (b) shift all your teeth around - as if one day I will wake up and my teeth will be all snaggled and weird. Either way, though, I really REALLY should have had them taken out last fall when I was going to...or last winter when I rescheduled...or spring break when I re-rescheduled.

Last, I said goodbye to an era yesterday. After FIVE YEARS with an old razor-type phone, I finally upgraded and got an android phone that is pretty much like an iPhone. It's amazing, I'm obsessed, and it feels so weird not to have my old phone anymore. But I am loving every second of it. And to make it even better, I made the first few verses of Lady Gaga's "So Happy I Could Die" as my ringtone.

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