Saturday, July 3, 2010

Boston Bound

So last night, spur of the moment, I decided to return home for the Fourth of July weekend (we have a half day on Monday for TFA that starts at noon). But it sure turned out to be quite the adventure.

I began the trek from Philly with a kid I met at my school site who was going to New York. Now, I wanted to save money, so I decided to tag along with him and take a double China bus adventure: one from Philly to NYC and one from NYC to Boston. I had Google mapped the bus terminal in Philly's Chinatown before we had left, but of course we were still running and scrambling to find the bus as we arrived in the vicinity about ten minutes before it was supposed to leave.

The bus to New York wasn't too bad, and was roughly two hours (most of which I passed out for). When we arrived though, I was at least six blocks away from the Fung Wah station that goes to Boston (I had to use a different company than the one from Philly to NYC). So my friend and I were quickly seperated and barely said goodbye to each other as he scrambled to catch a commuter train and I ran to catch the bus, both of which were leaving in twenty minutes from our arrival.

Long story short, and many directions received later, I made it and hopped on the bus to Boston, sitting next to this psychotic Asian woman who slept with this creepy viel over her head like some enchantress. Sleep wasn't easy to come by and the four hour ride was tedious and painful.

But I made it to Boston around 3am and took a taxi to Tao's in Quincy and passed out pretty quickly, having been up since 5am the previous day. It feels strange to be back in Boston and away from the INSANE Teach for America program, as if it were all a dream. But there is this inkling in the back of my head that is causing me to almost MISS the Temple dorm! Whatever, I'll be back in a day :)

Coming soon: a post about my fourth grade classroom, our classroom theme, and teaching which will commence on Tuesday.

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