Sunday, July 25, 2010

End of Being Institutionalized

So TFA's Philly Institute is ending this Friday, and right after it ends I'm taking a flight back to Boston for a week. Then the week after I'll be moving all my crap down from Boston into the apartment that I still don't have! But really, I have got to find a place ASAP. My two friends and I have a date with a realtor in an hour to look at a few more places (apart from the ten others I've seen all over the city this past week). We really have to make a decision today because it's really down to the wire now.

The last day of summer school teaching is Wednesday (thank god!). Yes, I did enjoy it and I loved my kids (when I wasn't in the front teaching them) but it really was difficult. The kids were wild and a handful of them were really out of control most of the time. I feel like I was never assertive enough with them and they realized how soft I was and were able to take advantage of me. I tried my best but I'm not sure how much I actually taught them or not.

I really tried my best to reach out to the kids too, but some of them were not so easy to get to know. It's hard when most of them don't want to be there (especially seeing as most of them were just there for enrichment or a way to kill time and not because they actually NEEDED it). But there are definitely some kids that I really enjoyed teaching who warmed up to me. Jaymir's called me his best friend a few times, although I'm a teacher, not a best friend!

I just finished most of the paperwork for my employer. I haven't been to the school yet but I'm getting more and more nervous/excited. I'm super pumped to be teaching social studies, but I'm nervous to have six different classes (three 3rd grades and three 5th grades). I anticipate that being a bit difficult, but at least I'll probably only have to do two lesson plans per day and be able to perfect them by that third class!

I had this realization last night: while I am enjoying TFA and excited for the upcoming school year, I realized that if only I could be in Boston, I could have my life with my friends and family around me and then be doing TFA on the side, whereas in Philly TFA is now my life with nothing on the side. This fall I'm going to be teaching all week and then taking UPenn classes on the weekends, which will leave me with no life whatsoever. I miss having friends accessible and being in a city that I actually desire - I mean I am warming up to Philly more and more with each day I get to explore it, but Boston is much nicer and more public transit friendly.

Quick story: I went out with people from the school I'm at for the summer (both other corps members and our staff) and I got pretty plastered and probably made a fool of myself...but whatever, should be an interesting day tomorrow when I see them all LOL I had a great time with my fellow CMs from my CMA group :)

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