Monday, August 2, 2010

One Bedroom House

So, Institute is over and gone. It's a bittersweet feeling: I really enjoyed the kids and working at Emlen Elementary, and I'll certainly miss my collab members and CMA group! But I'm not going to miss the work, staying at Temple, or waking up super early.

That being said, that last week was a lot of fun. What wasn't so fun was that my housing plans broke down last minute which caused me to go into a one-bedroom frenzy. I tried to find a place with only two days left in the city, and I found and signed off on a one bedroom the night before I high-tailed it out of the city. It's not the best of places, but it's not bad either.

I'll be living on Pine St. near 45th which is in West Philly and close to UPenn. The neighborhood is cozy, and has trees on the street so it's not so urban-looking. There is a trolley two blocks away which will take me into Center City and it's within walking distance to Penn where all my classes will be, and it's a half hour by bus to work.

The building is an apartment complex with probably about twenty apartments. I heard that it's mostly young people and students living there. It's not the most classy place but it's not gross either. My apartment is a one bedroom but it's not a studio (thank god!) So you walk into the living room and off to the left is a small kitchen with enough room for a two person table. And on the right of the living room is the bedroom which is big enough for a large-sized bed, desk, and a bureau. The apartment overlooks a cute little garden from the building next door, which is nice. There are also three closets within the apartment. And since it's in a building that you have to buzz into, it's relatively safe. And in the neighborhood are some cute cafes and markets, and there's a park near the trolley stop.

It was such a whirlwind though - I went to check it out (by myself) and then called the realtor back and went to her office and signed the papers. She was this older Italian woman who sort of reminded me of my grandmother in a way. The rent isn't too bad ($750) and I'm pretty satisfied with this. I want to get a cat to keep me company once I get settled in. I'm going to have to buy lots of new furniture too and get it delivered. And I have to sign up for all the utilities this week which should be fun (not).

I'm dreading the move down though because, as is typical, it's causing this uproar in the family. Why can't everyone just calm down and figure things out calmly? Guess that's not the Capone way.

But it's good to be back in Boston for the week. I've already seen so many people in the two days I've been back and it really makes me wish I could be staying in this city instead. I have no desire to go through my things and decide what to pack and take with me, so this should be an interesting week...

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