Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pack it Up

Packing is such a pain in the behind! I have a few boxes down my grandmother's basement, some things at my dad's, and the bulk of it in my mother's basement to pack up. I have three boxes that are JUST books that I'm bringing - not sure why, although most are historical books and textbooks I used in college that "may" be useful planning for classes. Having all my things packed up and inaccessible makes me nervous, especially all my clothes because I know most of them are going to get all wrinkled!

I've had this insane idea recently: that I will join a gym once I get all settled in Philadelphia. Let's see if this ever materializes!

Oh, and a funny story: I just went over my dad's to clean up some rugs I'm going to take with me. When I walked into the house, I went into the kitchen and what do I see hanging on the fridge? MY UMASS DEGREE! Just sitting there on the fridge, just asking to get some grease stains or dirty fingerprints on it. Needless to say I grabbed that thing and I'm going out to buy a frame for it tonight.

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