Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paint Party

Saturday morning my school has a paint party to paint the bottom portion of our building blue, to match the Mastery color scheme. I thought it came out well! Plus, it was a great bonding opportunity and a chance to meet some students and parents as well. It really proved that our school is trying to make a difference in the community, starting with changing the old and bringing in the new. The blue really stands out and brings some new life into this school circa 1923:

Then that night Tao and I made some hot pot at home which was delicious! We spent the afternoon roaming around Chinatown and bought a lot of fresh produce and some seafood and then came home and made the hot pot (after a long nap actually because we're both so lazy).

We worked really hard on it and it came out pretty good. We made it a different way from normal hot pot - it involved putting the food on skewers instead of just dropping them into the pot and scooping them out when ready. I'm so excited to utilize this hot pot maker more in the future (as well as shop in Chinatown for food now that I've gotten a home base on places that are good).

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