Friday, August 20, 2010

Skin Crawling

So, I was sitting here watching one of the last episodes of Skins when what do I see out of the corner of my eye? A little silverfish scurrying out of the bathroom and into the bedroom rug. My fight or flight instincts kicked right in and I was out of the bed in a second with a book flying at the little bugger. Well it missed and he ducked out for cover. I then proceeded to take EVERYTHING off the bed and floor to search for him, and spent a good five minutes slowly and nervously searching for him, all the while thinking he would jet at me and make my skin crawl. Then what do I see next to the book I initially threw? He's right next to it hanging out and watching me tear apart my room in search of him! Well, thankfully I had a smaller book in my hand and made quick work of him - and then I took his remains in a tissue (screaming aloud the whole time) and tossed him into the toilet.

In related news, I finished the last season of Skins. I feel I'm left with more questions and I really hate it when TV shows end without a resolution, or when they end with a scene that leaves the ending up to the viewer (which happened here). But I'm excited - because now I'm going to begin re-watching seasons one and two again!

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