Monday, August 16, 2010


I finished season 7 of Project Runway the other day and I have to say it was one of my favorite seasons. I was in love with Maya and Mila from the start, and I feel that this season had some of the best designers on it in the history of the show. And with this show over for me, I've begun to watch series 3 of Skins. I downloaded series 3 and 4 months ago but haven't had the drive to watch them, even though I absolutely loved and was obsessed with series 1 and 2. I just hate it when a TV show begins fresh with a new cast. I've watched four of the episodes so far and I must say that the new cast is alright and so far the storylines haven't been that bad. If you've never seen Skins, I highly HIGHLY recommend watching the first two series.

In real life news, today was the first day that we got to see our school for the fall - Mann Elementary. The building has been under renovation and considering all the painting and work that's been done, it looks great! The building is over 85 years old and is a mirror image of Emlen Elementary, the school I worked at last month. I never said that on this blog, but I hated that building - it was so old and stuffy, and the air was thick with nearly a century's worth of chalk dust. In good news, the new Mann Elementary building chucked the chalk boards for white boards! Thank god because chalk is the bane of my existence. The building itself isn't in bad shape, and is four stories tall, and shaped in a strange "u" shape. From one side of the building, you can  see the Philly skyline in the distance which looks amazing - I am pretty sure my classroom will be on the top floor and I hope I get a room with a view.

I can see lightning and hear thunder in the distance; a summer heat storm without the rain. I hope it breaks the humidity, but it is forecasted to be another 90 degree day tomorrow.

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