Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I was a little stunned the other day when I opened the BBC News webpage on my computer and saw this news story headlined on their home page. When the page loaded, this is exactly what I saw:

It just shocked me to see this "one in seven living in poverty in the US" headline, especially with the choice of images they choose to stick with it. I guess what I was feeling was a mix of uncertainty, sadness, and in a way, fright? Maybe. It just seemed strange to see such deplorable statistics splashed on the web by the media for one of the "strongest" and most influential countries in the world.

It saddens me to see that there are so many living in this country that are below the poverty line, and struggling day to day with their living standards. We are a country that is so wealthy and butting their nose all over the globe, yet we fail to look to our neighbors to help those who are struggling. Our priorities don't seem to be in line.

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