Monday, September 6, 2010

Mass Appeal

Oh Boston Globe, how you disappoint me lately. In the past two days there have been two front page stories bashing UMass Amherst, our state's flagship state university. One of the posts was legitimate, published in the Sunday Globe, while the other was a sad excuse for a "news blog" or something ridiculous of that nature.

As a graduate of this school, I am proud to have attended UMass. I feel I got a solid education there while not having to pay out of the nose like others I know. Furthermore, I collaborated with some amazing faculty members, met amazing people, and I loved the Amherst area. Compared to a lot of other state schools across the country, UMass doesn't lack that much.

In the first article, it seems like that "platinum blonde" bimbo solely wanted to go to a bigger party school than UMass. First of all, it's not hard at all to get a 4.0 GPA in high school, so to call her the state's "best and brightest" is a long shot. My favorite section:
“I wanted to go to a school with the best name, the best national recognition to get the best job,’’ said Davis, who is considering majoring in international business or communications at Michigan, which will cost her parents $45,200 a year for tuition, room, and board, compared with $20,500 they would pay at UMass. “People work really hard in high school, and they just want something to show for it.’’
Okay missy, first of all, enjoy coming out of college with an assload of debt. She's going to school set to major in international business/communications, but doesn't she know she'll most likely fall into the high majority of students who end up changing majors? And undergrad is what you make of it! You can go to Bunker Hill and if you work hard enough, get enough experience, and put yourself out there, you could go on to go to Harvard or elsewhere. UMass prepared me: I got accepted to Teach for America, and I'm getting a Master's from an Ivy League school, all with under $20,000 in undergrad loans, which is less than one year for this blonde tween.

But why blame UMass when the state's funding is failing our schools?

The second "sushi" article is even more ridiculous. The "writer" turns some event UMass Dining just hosted (making the longest sushi roll or something of the sorts) into a plea attempt to get students interested in the school. No, woman, those two don't go together, even if you were trying to be witty. Get a real job.

(eh, I was bored...and a little annoyed)

What I don't understand is how can these "writers" continually bash the school? First of all, if you keep giving the school bad publicity, then how can it ever improve in the eyes of incoming students? Keep posting "negative" things about it and soon no one will want to attend.

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  1. AGREED.....& omg that second article? wtf. who is she? go away.