Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cooking? Cooking!

"Mis-Adventures in the Kitchen with Vinny."
That's what my cooking show would be called if I had one. Or "What NOT to Do in the Kitchen...with Vinny."

So I get home from work and think, "hmm I'll make some pasta!" and get right into the kitchen ready to start cooking. I grab some ingredients for the gravy, and start it out like (I thought) my father had shown me. I put some oil into the pan, began to heat it up, and was going to add some garlic powder before I added my tomato sauce.

Little did I know (well I knew it but didn't think about it at the time) that heating oil in a pan is a terrible idea. It began to spurt and pop and I realized "hot damn, this isn't safe" and so as the intelligent person I am I take the pan off the stove to move it into the sink to dump it out. Mid-lift the oil POPS in the pan and sprays everywhere. I literally shrieked at the top of my lungs, thinking it was going to burn my flesh off. It did hit me in the face, but it was only a few specks and they weren't hot enough yet to do any (real) damage.

After that debacle I nixed the pasta and proceeded to make a super depressing bowl of rice with five frozen dumplings I've had in my freezer for over a month now. Not satisfying, or delicious.


And let's hark back to two weeks ago when I was looking in a cook book at this delicious-looking melted cheese sandwich with bacon and scallions that I tried to emulate. Instead, all I had was a globby cheese sandwich with some half-cooked bacon on it.

And I hate American cheese. It's still sitting in my fridge, where it will most likely remain until it turns green. Sitting beside my can of Four Loco strawberry. And a half-empty bag of bread. And that's it.



  1. you are making pasta way more difficult than it has to be! boil some pasta, and just get some canned tomato sauce (classico basil is my fave) and heat it oil involved!