Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Eats II

I went to CVS a half hour ago to buy some candy for my little kiddies. While I was roaming inside the store searching for the cheapest candy to buy, a guy walked past me with a brown bag in his hands that had a wrapped up sub sticking out. Instantly my mouth began to water and I had this strong craving for an Italian sub. I wasn't even hungry - I had eaten three pieces of pizza at work a few hours prior. But my urge was telling me I had to go buy a sub.

So I walked out of CVS after making my purchase and went to the small deli across the street. I had seen this deli many times and I've been meaning to give it a taste. This place has loads of good reviews and recommendations.

I walked inside and ordered an Italian sub. Actually, I think this was the first sub I've ever had from a Jewish deli - most of the places around Boston are Italian-owned. Anyways, I was waiting for my sub, watching the guy put it together. I noticed the slicer he was using and all the leftover meats and veggies smushed to the bottom of it, which normally would gross me out but tonight it made the sandwich that much more special.

Got home, ate half, and fell in love.

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