Sunday, October 17, 2010


I always know a night is going to take a turn for the drunk when I order this one particular drink. It's clearly my drink of choice and whenever I order it it's basically signaling that my night is going to be amped up a notch. What drink, you may ask? A Long Beach iced tea - it's basically a Long Island but instead of coke you add cranberry juice, making it sweeter and less tart. Not only is it ridiculously strong, it's also a hangover waiting to happen.

I was thinking back on my memories at UMass today (because this weekend was just Alumni Weekend) and I was thinking back on all of our drinks of choice and how they've rotated within the semesters:

Fall 2008 in Thatcher Adrienne and I were obsessed with red wine, particularly the brand Fish Eye because it has a twist cap (real classy). We would each drink a whole bottle before heading out and stumbling around town. I'll never forget the night we both spent in the boy's room on the fourth floor puking our brains out together. Or sitting in the hallway sipping on wine when that's clearly not allowed in the dorms. Or getting written up for caring around a bottle of opened wine.

Flash forward to Fall 2009 and Adrienne and I moved on to white wine (still Fish Eye). We had some pretty insane nights off this crap. We began the semester with two black out nights: the first I drank a whole bottle, went to the bars in town, and then walked all the way back to my dorm alone through the woods with no recollection, only to get back and take a shower fully clothed. Or the night Adrienne drank a whole bottle and then passed out on the lawn outside the bank ten minutes after we arrived at the bar.

Spring 2010 was mainly given up to cheap forties because of my dwindling bank account, but it was no less messy. One forty alone is enough for me, but most nights consisted of consuming two. Or the night Courtney, Cade, and I had two forties each then got a beer tower (which consists of 120 ounces or something) and finished that as well. And the night of Edward Forty Hands with Christine and Shiri in which pants came off, shirts came off, and mayhem ensued. Let's not forget the night of the PSP Senior Bar Crawl in which I tried to steal a traffic cone and got pulled over by the cops (walking).

I really miss college.


  1. I'm sad that I'm not included in any of these memories, still hilarious to read though LOLOL

  2. Oh, there are many memories of us together that I could just as easily recall - but I'll save THAT for another post ;)