Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Most Expensive Mistake

I officially changed my status at Penn from Master's student to certification, which in essence will save me almost $25,000. Although, sadly I'm kicking myself (hard) because it was too late to change for this term and so I wasted $10,000 this term being a "Master's student" even though Master's and cert students attend the same classes and must perform the same assignments. I hate the education system in this country.

A lot of choices went into my decision though. For one thing, I was attending these classes and writing papers on educational philosophy, theories, and developmental psychology that meant nothing to me. I don't find these topics or classes interesting in the least. I though, if I were to obtain a higher degree, I would spend the outrageous amount of money to do it for something that interested me, such as history. And even if I were to continue on with teaching, I would want to move into secondary history or teaching at the collegiate level, in which it would make more sense to have a specialized degree with research completed.

Also, I'm nervous I may not last the two years in Teach for America, therefore I don't want to waste thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it. So this just seems like the safest bet. I'm just kicking myself that I didn't think this through all the way sooner, and that in a way I was blinded by the thought of getting a Master's through an Ivy League school. And now, I've wasted about $10,000 for nothing. Mega sadface.

In similar news, I have a math methods paper that is due tonight at midnight that I didn't even start yet, and don't even plan to start until the morning. A late submission means the highest I can get on it then is a C+ but I don't even care. Funny how all through high school and college I never turned in any work late, and here I am in the Penn program and I'm turning things in late left and right. Just thinking about the program makes me frustrated!

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