Sunday, October 17, 2010

People I Hate #1: Bill O'Reilly

I'm going to start a new series on this blog titled "People I Hate" because there just seem to be so many of them in the public sphere these days. It will not be a personal series where I talk about people in my own life, because I love everyone around me (cough) - it will just be used for public figures and celeb-trash.

The first on the list, and probably the one that I hate the most, is Bill O'Reilly. I cannot stand this man in the least. His views are so warped and twisted, and the ways that he uses the media to propagate his own opinions and views while quickly talking over anyone who disagrees with him is outrageous. He is the reason that I abhor Fox News, because they allow him to get away with all this nonsense. His opinions are so right-winged and out there that I listen to him and actually see him causing more harm than anything for our nation. And he's not even intelligent; he simply overpowers the voices of those brought onto his show and uses his twisted logic to say what he determines is best for our country.

But what makes it even sadder is that I know that there are thousands (if not more) Americans who listen to his words and watch his news show and believe every word he is saying. And I would bet everything that they are all living below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Recently O'Reilly was on the View speaking about the mosque debacle near the former World Trade Center area in New York City. He began making obscene blanket comments about the Muslim faith which prompted Joy and Whoppi to actually walk off stage in frustration. I admire their restraint in not knocking him flat on his ass. asshole.

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