Monday, October 18, 2010

People I Hate #2: Meteorologists

A group of people I especially hate are meteorologists.

For one thing, they are always so perky and pepped up about nice weather. "Oh it's going to be a scorcher out there today folks! Better get on your jets-ski and ride around!" But what really peeves me off is that who are they to decide that warm, sunny weather is "nice" weather!? I for one appreciate the overcast, cloudy days mixed with rain - that's my favorite type of weather. But to meteorologists, those days are sub-par.

"Yikes, looks like this weekend's going to be a wash-out. Sorry folks!"

Furthermore, meteorologists are hardly accurate. I can recall that day last winter when they predicted this huge snow storm to hit Massachusetts and the New England states, and because of their forecast schools closed early, people left work early, and everyone sheltered themselves indoors for the day. And what happened? A little dusting (if that). Not even close, weatherman!

And while we're on the topic of weather, probably one of the natural events that I hate the most in the world is when there is a large rain storm and then afterwards, the sun comes out! I can't stand that! If you're going to be a gloomy, cheerful, rainy day, then stay that way - don't ruin it by having the sun peek out and dry everything up!

While I loathe the meteorologist profession, I do enjoy this guy:

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