Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm feeling a bit burnt out lately. I think I just need something to spice up my life a little. I feel the way I did right before I left China - that I'm just exhausted with teaching. I love my students, but I just feel drained after going through a whole day of teaching lessons over and over again. Perhaps I just have to sit down, reflect, and try out some new things in the classroom...

Tomorrow after class I am FINALLY going to check out the farmer's market down at Clark Park (about three blocks from my apartment). I've been meaning to go since I moved in this summer and now with only a few weeks left of it running I'm finally going to go. Maybe that will lift my spirits: actually having some fresh produce in the house. I mean, ten minutes ago I ate some tuna fish out of the can, so things can only go up from there.

I'm counting down the days until Thanksgiving break (34) when I can return to Boston for a full five days! I wonder if I can go without doing laundry until then...

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