Friday, November 26, 2010

Bad Romance

You're not the one that I want, or the one that I need.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Midnight Bus to Boston

The midnight bus experience to say the least. I arrived in Boston at 5:30am and now find myself sitting on the couch in the living room unable to fall asleep and with nothing to do but eat and stare at Fluffy.

I got on the bus and made the poor choice to sit behind a table of four girls with nothing going on for them. These depressing beings chose to watch a communal movie for half the drive, which wasn't too disruptive, but the fact that they had chose to watch Spanglish really made my skin crawl. Then across the aisle to my right was this Asian kid who was juggling a laptop, iPad, phone, and a Harry Potter book. There was enough light emitting from his seat that I would have thought it were midday. And of course, the wondrous girl who chose to sat next to me was juggling her laptop and a giant binder to take notes from a powerpoint lecture, and then proceeded to fall asleep and took up half my own seat.

Sleep did not come very well for me - every so often I would wake up and my arm or hand would have fallen asleep and my legs were super cramped and I never could find a comfortable position. Somewhere around 4:00am I woke up and began hallucinating from sleep depravity.

When I got to Boston I hopped on the subway to get home and OF COURSE, welcome to Boston, the blue line was "experiencing delays due to a disabled train" - the mantra of the MBTA.

But I'm putting all the gross-ness of that trip behind me and going to jump into my five-day Thanksgiving weekend with an excitement and a smile that will crush any who try to bring me down!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks to the Giving

I've never been so happy to be going home, even if for only five days. I can't wait to see my friends and family and spend five days not thinking about work or children. If only I didn't have to come back to Philadelphia...

Midnight bus to Boston in two hours :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Capitol Time

Had a great time exploring the nation's capital with Kami this weekend! I got to see all the national monuments, ate some delicious food, and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. And, the weather was great. All-in-all, a perfect weekend!

Did I mention that I love freedom? (and the Washington Monument)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nuclear Family

I don't understand how countries such as America and the European Union can decree which countries can build uranium facilities or nuclear weaponry. First of all, who are we to place restrictions on other countries, such as North Korea? Of course, North Korea right now is completely unstable and ruled by a power-hungry ruler, but who is to say which governments are right and wrong? Who's to say that the US "democratic model" is the correct one?

I just fail to see where America comes off being able to tell others what they can and cannot build. America has enough nuclear warheads to ruin life on this planet ten times over, and yet we will not allow Iran to build a nuclear reactor? I understand the fear that Iran could possibly abuse the power, but the same could be said about the United States.

America is a nuclear bully!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plaster of Paris

What is the world coming to when you have your 19-year old sister writing on your Facebook about how much she's looking forward to seeing you plastered on Christmas Eve? Nice to see you too?

Monday, November 15, 2010

That Boy is a Monster

Gloomy Monday. It wasn't a great day, but it wasn't a bad day either. It was just that - a day. A day unlike any other. My only excitement was that I rearranged the desks in my classroom into a giant "U" shape which allows me to walk around more. Pretty sad, huh?

Not to mention I didn't get much sleep last night - I stayed up until midnight reading articles online about the lost city of Atlantis. And printed out 155 pages of Plato's "Timaeus and Critias" - one of the few historical accounts of Atlantis. Not sure when I'll get around to actually reading through it, but the geek in me won't lie about how excited I am.

On a side note, I'm becoming concerned about my wisdom teeth. It's becoming more evident that they have to be taken out soon, but I'm really nervous to get them done in Philadelphia. My main concern is that I don't want to get them taken out alone. It sounds sad, but I'd rather have one of my parents with me. I've never been put under before and because of my tooth phobia even a small dental cleaning freaks me out. But I don't think I'd ever have time to get it done in Boston, especially seeing as holidays/weekends are the only times I am able to get home. I'm such a baby!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Have It Your Way

Last night I went out for a "couple" of drinks with a couple friends, only to end up quickly finishing more than a "few" drinks. The result: I power-walked home eight blocks clutching a bag containing a Big Mac. I got home, apparently watched an episode of 30 Rock on my computer that I don't recall seeing, and then went to bed with the music turned on loudly. And I managed to clean up all my McDonald's mess!

But I do remember this: I saw a silverfish on the floor scampering near my foot, and I quietly crept into the living room closet, pulled out the vacuum, and sucked it up before it could hamper away. Seems like my two legs are faster than your eighty-million, silverfish!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Are You Ill?

I've been battling a virus on my computer all day. The whole process has proven to me that it may be time to blow some of my savings and buy a new computer (after Christmas, perhaps, if this one makes it that long). It just bothers me that people make viruses to begin with, and then spread them to others, as innocent as me! And it also bothers me how little things like a virus or a sluggish computer can affect my life; that my life is so tied to this machine that I have to blow large amounts of money to replace it when it starts to crap out like now.

New Outlook

Tomorrow I am going to go back to school with a new state of mind. I'm going to exude calmness and love towards all my students (easier said than done for the fifth grade though) and just set out at the task at hand: which is teaching the students the daily lesson. I will not raise my voice, I will not stop smiling, and I will calmly deal with students who wish to speak while I am teaching.

It's funny, but the biggest thing that trips me up while teaching the third graders are the stupid pencils! Our grade team thought it would be a good idea to take them from all students and just provide pencils in our classroom. However, I teach third and fifth so I have to always be passing out/recollecting pencils from students. And they are always breaking...and my fingers have bruises from sharpening hoards of pencils every morning.

I just wolfed down a bag of gummy bears - so this post could possibly have been induced from the high sugar intake and lack of breakfast.


Can I just say, that I would love to personally knock out the person who thought that automated computerized phone services would be a good idea. Because my friend, it's not.

Where has our society traveled to when we think that using computers to help us with concerns is easier than hiring more people to walk us through something. First of all, it may cost more money to hire the associates, however it would make people who call in a lot more happy and patient. Most of the time, my problems cannot even be answered by the computerized system, or I have to go through so many loops and jumps and mis-understandings with the computer that I can't find the answer through it.

For example, I just had to call Bank of America to reset my online banking code (because I couldn't answer my log-in question which was 'what was the first concert you've ever been to' - really?) and I was literally swearing at the computer. The stupid computer voice could not recognize my bank card's account number, even after I spoke it aloud three times. Then I found all of the menu options to be unrelated to my query, so I had to go through all of them until I found what I was looking for. All the while, my patience was dropping and my anger level rising. Had I just been put on hold and then connected to a representative, I could have quickly and efficiently had my concern answered.

Even though the stupid computer gets me all riled up, if I were to be connected to a live person after dealing with the machine, I would not take out my frustration with them - because I always feel bad and assume that many people (many busy people who would, for example, try to call while driving, to multi-task) blow up at them on a daily basis.

But it just annoys me to no end that I have to go through so much just to speak to a live person when I have a concern. And just my luck, with the holiday there were "no representatives on stand-by today" so I had to deal solely with the machine, and while I was fighting with the computer, I actually figured it out myself online.

Good morning to me!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Life is Seinfeld

ELAINE: (into phone) Yuh, I'd like an order of supreme flounder, number forty-seven. Yeah, apartment one-Q.
JERRY: One-Q? Whose apartment is that?
ELAINE: That's the janitor closet, across the street.
JERRY: You're pretending to live in a janitor's closet, just to get this flounder?
ELAINE: It's better than eating it alone in the restaurant, like some loser.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crop Rot

It's been a full year since Farmville decided to take moments of my senior year of college away from me. I remember Courtney visiting UMass a few times last fall, and all of us getting ready to go out in the apartment, while she or I were in my bedroom on the computer harvesting our crops. Or those endless days where I would actually plan out the time I would plant my grapes or pumpkins so that I could harvest them for cash by the time I got back from class. Ah the good 'ol days!

Now I find myself again drawn into a Facebook game: this time it's the mini-city-building game City of Wonder. It brings back memories of a similar game I used to play way back in the early days of high school - an Ancient Greek city-building game. This one is not as extensive, but it still has some high points.

Here is a screen-cap from my capital, Fluffington:

Funny how I had a math paper due this weekend that I only half finished and yet I found time to get back into this game? And what of my math paper? Eh, I'll finish it tomorrow :)

Impulsive Purchase

After dinner last night I stumbled into Urban Outfitters in University City and stumbled upon this little nostalgic piece of my childhood:

It took me a whole one minute before I had my mind set on purchasing this exciting book. And it even came with a Waldo and Woof cut-out! They are both now displayed on my desk :) I plan to hang a few of these up in the living room and around the house; perhaps even getting a cheap frame for some of them. And it includes my favorite poster: the one with all the Draculas and monsters!

On a side note, my internet went from a fast-paced 5 bars to a sluggish 2 bars this weekend. It better improve or my landlord's going to get a very nasty note with my next rent check...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Best Halloween Costume

Canadian officials see through 'unbelievable' disguise

Everybody has to check out this news article - unbelievable! Basically some young Chinese guy trying to flee from Hong Kong had this mask that made him appear to be this shriveled-up eighty year-old man. The thing that gave him away was his "young-looking hands!"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Is becoming more conservative a rite of passage for growing older? Do we start out our lives as liberal, free-willed individuals, only to become older, more observant and knowledgeable of the world around us - which shapes us into taking a more conservative stance?

I recall my days of old (i.e. high school) when I was a pre-voting age liberal follower. During the 2004 Bush/Kerry election I was a fierce John Kerry supporter and even gave hours of my time volunteering for the Democratic Party. I spent a day with Adrienne volunteering during the Democratic National Convention of 2004 in Boston. I worked with Barbara one evening phone banking on behalf of John Kerry. I held Kerry signs on the bridge into Winthrop, and even flyer-ed to get people out to vote. Yet I myself was half a year short of being of voting age.

Perhaps I just followed the liberal cause because of my complete disdain for the politics and personality of George W. Bush. And with the coming of Barrack Obama, I found myself moving a bit more in the conservative direction.

During the 2008 elections, when I was in China I was strongly in favor of Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic Party's bid. When she lost it I didn't lose faith in the Democrats, but I have never been fond of the "cult personality" that seems to follow Obama, especially on college campuses and with college-aged students. I didn't buy into that "change" that seemed to be going around - regardless of who is president, our nation's government is too slow and argumentative to enact any "change" in a four-year period. Granted, I do think that the Obama administration has brought some great changes to some of our national policies. And giving Condalisa Rice the boot is enough change for me.


But recently I seem to be pulled more in towards the policies of the conservatives, and in some cases, the Republican Party. While I am not a big fan of "two party America" in any sense (I think two parties that bicker and get nothing done is no way for our nation to work), I find myself more in that grey area in the middle. I support policies of both parties, but my views themselves align more with those held by the conservatives.

Politics is such an icky subject. I do enjoy discussing politics and national issues, but I just find it makes more of a mess than it solves.