Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crop Rot

It's been a full year since Farmville decided to take moments of my senior year of college away from me. I remember Courtney visiting UMass a few times last fall, and all of us getting ready to go out in the apartment, while she or I were in my bedroom on the computer harvesting our crops. Or those endless days where I would actually plan out the time I would plant my grapes or pumpkins so that I could harvest them for cash by the time I got back from class. Ah the good 'ol days!

Now I find myself again drawn into a Facebook game: this time it's the mini-city-building game City of Wonder. It brings back memories of a similar game I used to play way back in the early days of high school - an Ancient Greek city-building game. This one is not as extensive, but it still has some high points.

Here is a screen-cap from my capital, Fluffington:

Funny how I had a math paper due this weekend that I only half finished and yet I found time to get back into this game? And what of my math paper? Eh, I'll finish it tomorrow :)

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