Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Midnight Bus to Boston

The midnight bus experience to say the least. I arrived in Boston at 5:30am and now find myself sitting on the couch in the living room unable to fall asleep and with nothing to do but eat and stare at Fluffy.

I got on the bus and made the poor choice to sit behind a table of four girls with nothing going on for them. These depressing beings chose to watch a communal movie for half the drive, which wasn't too disruptive, but the fact that they had chose to watch Spanglish really made my skin crawl. Then across the aisle to my right was this Asian kid who was juggling a laptop, iPad, phone, and a Harry Potter book. There was enough light emitting from his seat that I would have thought it were midday. And of course, the wondrous girl who chose to sat next to me was juggling her laptop and a giant binder to take notes from a powerpoint lecture, and then proceeded to fall asleep and took up half my own seat.

Sleep did not come very well for me - every so often I would wake up and my arm or hand would have fallen asleep and my legs were super cramped and I never could find a comfortable position. Somewhere around 4:00am I woke up and began hallucinating from sleep depravity.

When I got to Boston I hopped on the subway to get home and OF COURSE, welcome to Boston, the blue line was "experiencing delays due to a disabled train" - the mantra of the MBTA.

But I'm putting all the gross-ness of that trip behind me and going to jump into my five-day Thanksgiving weekend with an excitement and a smile that will crush any who try to bring me down!

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