Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Is becoming more conservative a rite of passage for growing older? Do we start out our lives as liberal, free-willed individuals, only to become older, more observant and knowledgeable of the world around us - which shapes us into taking a more conservative stance?

I recall my days of old (i.e. high school) when I was a pre-voting age liberal follower. During the 2004 Bush/Kerry election I was a fierce John Kerry supporter and even gave hours of my time volunteering for the Democratic Party. I spent a day with Adrienne volunteering during the Democratic National Convention of 2004 in Boston. I worked with Barbara one evening phone banking on behalf of John Kerry. I held Kerry signs on the bridge into Winthrop, and even flyer-ed to get people out to vote. Yet I myself was half a year short of being of voting age.

Perhaps I just followed the liberal cause because of my complete disdain for the politics and personality of George W. Bush. And with the coming of Barrack Obama, I found myself moving a bit more in the conservative direction.

During the 2008 elections, when I was in China I was strongly in favor of Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic Party's bid. When she lost it I didn't lose faith in the Democrats, but I have never been fond of the "cult personality" that seems to follow Obama, especially on college campuses and with college-aged students. I didn't buy into that "change" that seemed to be going around - regardless of who is president, our nation's government is too slow and argumentative to enact any "change" in a four-year period. Granted, I do think that the Obama administration has brought some great changes to some of our national policies. And giving Condalisa Rice the boot is enough change for me.


But recently I seem to be pulled more in towards the policies of the conservatives, and in some cases, the Republican Party. While I am not a big fan of "two party America" in any sense (I think two parties that bicker and get nothing done is no way for our nation to work), I find myself more in that grey area in the middle. I support policies of both parties, but my views themselves align more with those held by the conservatives.

Politics is such an icky subject. I do enjoy discussing politics and national issues, but I just find it makes more of a mess than it solves.

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