Thursday, November 11, 2010


Can I just say, that I would love to personally knock out the person who thought that automated computerized phone services would be a good idea. Because my friend, it's not.

Where has our society traveled to when we think that using computers to help us with concerns is easier than hiring more people to walk us through something. First of all, it may cost more money to hire the associates, however it would make people who call in a lot more happy and patient. Most of the time, my problems cannot even be answered by the computerized system, or I have to go through so many loops and jumps and mis-understandings with the computer that I can't find the answer through it.

For example, I just had to call Bank of America to reset my online banking code (because I couldn't answer my log-in question which was 'what was the first concert you've ever been to' - really?) and I was literally swearing at the computer. The stupid computer voice could not recognize my bank card's account number, even after I spoke it aloud three times. Then I found all of the menu options to be unrelated to my query, so I had to go through all of them until I found what I was looking for. All the while, my patience was dropping and my anger level rising. Had I just been put on hold and then connected to a representative, I could have quickly and efficiently had my concern answered.

Even though the stupid computer gets me all riled up, if I were to be connected to a live person after dealing with the machine, I would not take out my frustration with them - because I always feel bad and assume that many people (many busy people who would, for example, try to call while driving, to multi-task) blow up at them on a daily basis.

But it just annoys me to no end that I have to go through so much just to speak to a live person when I have a concern. And just my luck, with the holiday there were "no representatives on stand-by today" so I had to deal solely with the machine, and while I was fighting with the computer, I actually figured it out myself online.

Good morning to me!

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