Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adieu 2010

Another year down, but I have to say that 2010 was probably one of the better years I've had and was a perfect end to the decade. A lot of big changes occurred this year, but also a lot of fun times and experiences.

Began the year ringing in 2010 with some of my great friends I had stayed in China with. We watched the ball drop at some bar in Brooklyn and the following day I traveled up to Toronto and stayed with my friend for a week.

Spring was full of my last semester as an undergrad at UMass and was a dizzying blur of great memories, fun times with friends, and finishing up all my ties in Amherst. Had amazing memories with Christine and Shiri, road tripped to Baltimore, took some great classes, spring break trip to Disneyland in Florida, enjoyed my last semester in Phi Sigma Pi, and enjoyed all the time I spent with the first graders at Marks Meadow, where I volunteered as a teacher's helper three days a week. I really miss those kids!

Summer came in full force and began with a road trip with Cade and Courtney to Cedar Point in Ohio. I still have some queasy feelings in my stomach when I think back to some of the roller coasters I went on. Enjoyed my half summer in Boston before I headed down for Teach for America training in Philadelphia.

Training was probably the worst month of my life: hot, humid, boring, lots of work, and a lot of stress. At the time I was rather fine with it, but looking back I really want to block out that whole month. Post-training I came back to Boston for a week before the big move down to Philly.

Philadelphia brought some big changes: my first actual apartment, my first full-time job, and a lot of work and responsibility. At first I didn't think I would like the city, but I quickly became excited about work and got on board. Overall I do enjoy living in Philly and I've gotten used to the city. While I find teaching to be more work than enjoyment (which in my personal beliefs it should not be - or at least an equal mix), I do enjoy what I do.

A lot of 2010 is still swirling in my head and needs to settle before I can properly reflect back on it, and with the new year about to begin, hopes and goals for 2011 are coming to the surface as well. Once I sift through all of this I will post a little blurb about what I hope for the new year and what I want to get out of it, and possible some resolutions that I will never follow.

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