Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brief Updates

Coming back from an amazing Thanksgiving break in Boston and hitting the ground running did not put me in the best of moods. This week has been nothing but insane and it's only at the halfway point right now. Between work, children, and various papers due for my Penn classes this weekend, I've been overworking myself and multi-tasking like nobody's business.

But I do have time to take a mini-break right now and report on some news:

1. I am feeling a bit nervous about the climate in the Koreas. I'm not fully kept aware of the situation over there, but after the recent military activity, and the increased presence of US troops in that region to "aid" the South, things don't seem to be moving in terms of peace, and BBC news reports of "imminent attacks" from the North. I'm not sure that I believe a full-scale problem will follow, but it just makes me nervous to think of a military conflict in that area, especially with the US and China on opposing sides. I just can't imagine how that could shape the future of relations if a large-scale problem arose. And it boggles my mind to even think of China as having much in terms of military support - I mean, I know their strength is ample, but when I think of "military might" China doesn't seem to come to mind.

2. This WikiLeaks situation seems to be getting out of hand. Again, I'm not following this aside from the nmerous headlines that continue to pop up each day, but it just seems ridiculous and troubling for international relations. What I don't understand is a) where is all of this information coming from? and b) why is no one taking any course of action to shut this down?

3. Last, I just read an interesting article on BBC about China's dependence on coal and what it means for the future of their nation, people, and the environment. I can't imagine how dangerous it must be to be a coal miner, especially in a country such as China, but I think this article helped to put that into a better perspective for me.

I'll end on a positive note: the only positive thing in my life right now is that I brought back a nice heating blanket from my grandmother that I am going crazy over. I love slipping into bed at night when the sheets are all toasty and warm!

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