Saturday, December 25, 2010

China News Drone

I was reading this article on BBC News this morning about further traffic problems and regulations in China. Seems as though the government in Beijing is going to start capping the number of new cars registered each year, trying to slow down the number of new cars on the road. To me it seems like another last-ditch effort to fix a problem way after the fact.

In China, where the middle class is growing rapidly, a new car (or two) is more than just a utility - it's also a symbol of wealth and status (not-so much status anymore, but the brand can symbolize status). I always found it so interesting to see people biking to work/shops alongside the highway while these luxury cars whizzed by them.

I'm also skeptical because I'm sure this will increase corruption on some level. For example, I forsee those working in the registration department hoarding or sneaking registry numbers for their family or friends, etc. It obviously will not run smoothly.

What stuck out to me from the article was this quote:
"Everything in China now happens so quickly, and the government always fails to anticipate what's coming, and as a result normally policies are only introduced when things are already out of control."

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