Monday, December 20, 2010

Clean Up on Aisle 21

My life is one giant glob of mess right now.

I feel like I spend so much time planning lessons that can be interesting and fun, and either they don't turn out that way to the students, or I can't stop the little nit-picky behaviors of kids to allow the lesson to run smoothly. Everyday it's the same few kids chatting in each class. Either that or I have to constantly tell students to stop leaning on their arms, or to put their feet flat on the floor, or to take their arms out of their sleeves (the heat in my room is very sporadic this month). But then in the back of my head I wonder, how reasonable is it for third graders to sit flat in their seats for the whole day? Even at twenty three I still always put my leg on the chair and sit over it. The punishments don't seem to phase them and most call homes bring about no answer, because no one seems to answer because of my unknown Boston area code.

Not only is work not going as smoothly as I think it should go, I'm also sick on top of it. My voice keeps going in and out, partly from having a cold and partly from talking loudly all day to students.

I have a giant suitcase of laundry I have to do and no desire.

I have to run out and buy a boatload of secret Santa gifts when I have no ideas on what to get anyone. On top of that, I never have cash for the stupid subway, making me immobile...

I have to take the god-awful bus back to Boston on Thursday afternoon and it's probably going to be stuck in traffic the whole way. I'll be lucky if I get back by midnight I bet...

My fridge is so empty I might as well unplug it and save on electricity.

And I made big, sudden movements and ruined a good thing!

I'm trying to just take each day at a time until I get home Thursdays. So, three more days of work. Three more days of no food. Three more days to do laundry. Three more days to fix everything. Three more days for another chance. And most importantly for the moment: two more classes this afternoon until I am home free.

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