Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lee Canter

Tomorrow an expert teacher from Teach for America is going to come into one of my fifth grade classes and real-time coach me in classroom management and behavior tackling. Basically, she will sit in the back of my classroom with a walkie-talkie so that she can tell me how to manage my kids while I'm wearing an ear piece as I'm teaching. She'll tell me when to give a consequence to a student, when to really praise one, and when I should speak with a more commanding/clear/loud voice.

I am almost certain that this is going to bring about a good result, but I'm really nervous about it. For one thing, it starts with me basically giving this little speech to my students how I've let their bad behaviors go on for too long, and that in essence it's my fault - which I can agree to. But I'm also nervous that I will look strange with something in my ear, and not only that, it's proving to my students that I have weak areas and have brought in outside help to make it better. But on the flip side, it shows that I'm dedicated to helping them learn and improve the culture of my classroom.

It should be quite an experience.

Today I went to school in a more commanding way, and changed the tone of language I use in my classroom when students are doing things that show they are not on task. I saw amazing results from 3/6 of my classes, where students were all on task, silently working, and paying such close attention to the lesson. But then I think I started to teeter out and the repetition started to get to me, and I wasn't as strong in my last three classes, although they all went fairly well (except for one).

And with all the teacher time we had yesterday, I reorganized my classroom and it looks so much better. I brought in a new cabinet to keep me organized, hung up posters, put this huge US map in the front of the room, and stream-lined some of my weaker spots. Pictures may be coming soon :)

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