Monday, December 6, 2010


This weekend for me has been a teaching revival of sorts. On Saturday, Teach for America had us go to this lecture about how to create a positive classroom environment centered around "no opting out" for students and how to ensure that all kids are on task and learning. And then with today's Mastery professional development I took away a ton of skills and ideas to work on classroom culture, management, and positivity for myself and my students. I hope this brings about a change for the kids who pass through room 307. As I see it, I'm failing in 3/6 of my classes by not having a classroom centered around positivity and achievement.

Teach for America is coming in on Thursday to do this "intense" classroom management coaching for my toughest class. I'm a bit nervous as to how it will play out, but I am optimistic that it will bring about some changes and new ideas and techniques for me to use.

Off topic from work, I am halfway through Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy. The whole storyline is just insane and I am absolutely loving this series. But I hate when a series/book comes to an end, so I'm trying to drag reading it for as long as I can. Not to mention that my apartment is so chilly that reading for long periods of time acting causes my hands to freeze. This is going to be a long winter...

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  1. my cousin just lent me the Hunger Games it really good?!