Sunday, January 30, 2011

Apples to Apples

Well I went and got a cat. I searched on Craigslist for cats looking for adoption, found one, e-mailed the woman, and she brought him over for a trial weekend with me. I still have until tonight to decide to keep him or not, but I think I want to. His name is Seamus (which I will change if I decide to keep him) and he's an orange tabby cat. He's very affectionate and hasn't destroyed anything of mine, but I wonder if I really want this type of commitment; I am always so fickle with decisions.

The only cons I can think of keeping him is that he has kept me up the past two nights (but then again this should end once we get on the same schedule), he keeps making a mess with his litterbox (but this could end when I get one with a cover), and he follows me all over the apartment (hopefully this would end again once he gets use to being here).

On another front, my computer is quickly heading out the window. It has no memory or space on it, programs constantly won't work because of lack of memory, and it's nearly four years old. I want to get a new one, but as I type this I am using my work computer and thinking I should just hold off and keep using this one (although I can't install anything on it). Mainly, my iTunes stopped working on the old one and I tried to reinstall it and there was not enough memory to do so - so now I'm angry that I can't listen to all my playlists.

Because of this, I'm contemplating getting a Mac. I've always been a PC person, but it just seems that Macs are more exciting and stress free. I think my only worry is that I typically hate how spaced out Mac keyboards are, and the one-button mice bother me as well. Eh, who knows...

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