Saturday, January 15, 2011

You Wanna Sleep on Me, Overnight?

I had a taxing series of dreams last night. I thought we fall asleep with hopes of getting a good rest and waking up ready to begin the next day? Instead I had dreams filled with stress, longing, and exhaustion! I can't recall where one dream ended and the other began, so perhaps it was one long dream broken into segments. In the first dream, I was moving into a small apartment with a close friend and we were sharing a room. But the dream didn't consist of the fun of living together, it involved us planning out our living situation, setting up utilities and rent plans, and cleaning the apartment. Even my dream self is boring!

The next dream involved me being with my mother and family for the holidays again, but this time I had gotten a lot of Christmas gifts and bought myself a lot of nice things...only to find out I couldn't take them back to Philly (or wherever the above apartment was) because I only had one tiny bag. And that dream also consisted of family woes, stress, and high-strung mothers and sisters. At least I got a dose of being home without actually being home!

The last dream had me exploring a city with a group of friends/random people. But there were two people I was with who are not physically in my life right now, which upsets me. I really despise dreams that bring people out of the woodwork and then you wake up saddened over the fact that you're not with them. All I recall from this dream was one "scene" where I was with a friend and a student of mine and they were hunting for a public bathroom, and when they found it they threw eight bags at me to sit and watch. Even dream Vinny is a pushover. And there was one "scene" where we were all in a lobby of a skyscraper performing some sort of written vote. Not sure what for, but I can remember that at least.

Dreams always make me intrigued. Some people tell me they rarely dream, but every single time I fall asleep, whether for a small nap, the full night, etc., I dream rather vividly. And most of my dreams are rather mundane and uneventful (such as the ones above). And I almost never have nightmares either, which I guess is a good thing.

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