Saturday, January 8, 2011

Transit Robbery

It's like highway robbery, only more sneaky and unsuspecting! So this afternoon I was getting ready to get onto the subway in Center City. Now, SEPTA is so ancient they still use tokens for their transit services, and they have machines that you insert bills into in exchange for these tokens, but you cannot use cards. Or you can choose to pay the attendant at the booth, but they are almost always rude, and you can only pay with exact change ($2).

Anyway, I went to put some money into the machine and realized they do not give back the correct amount of change! I put a $10 bill into the machine and received five tokens (amounting to $7.75) and then $.45 in change. I may not be good at math but that does not add up to $10. I read the fine print and found out the machines give you the "closest" amount of change available. What the hell does that even mean? And the funny thing is, this has happened to me at least twice before but I just thought I was reading the fare prices wrong. Or maybe they raised the fare but didn't update the signs on the machines? Ugh, Philadelphia's subway system is so terrible, I wouldn't put that past them!

It's the little things in this city and in life that seem to drive me crazy. Pens exploding because of my students, subway systems that unfairly rob me of my change, smelly people on the trolley ride home, a broken dryer in the basement, snow that makes my feet a little wet, an upstairs neighbor who puts their TV on way too loud...

Aside from that mess, I had a lovely day in town doing some errands on this snowy day! I bought some veggies in Chinatown, a graphic novel at Borders, and a much needed external hard drive for my ailing computer that probably won't make it to the spring time.

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