Sunday, January 30, 2011

UMass Bucket List

Found this UMass Bucket List at Magen's Blog of 25 things you should have done before you graduated from UMass. Since it's all said and done, I thought I'd reflect on if my college years lived up to any of these achievements:

[check] 1. Take a joke class.
I think my first semester "Insects and Human Society" course covers this genre.

2. Take a Five College course.
I always sort of wanted to (you can take a course at any of the Five Colleges in the Amherst area) but the commute (10 mins tops) always seemed to hectic built into an already busy schedule.

[check] 3. Eat at the diner between the hours of 2 a.m. And 6 a.m.
The Route 9 Diner was a typical hangout for my friends and I.

[check] 4. Eat every variety of Wing.
I usually stuck with honey barbecue, but after smelling Courtney's breath after the night she had the garlic flavor, I can say I got a taste of each variety...

[check] 5. Eat at that place you’d always meant to go to.
One of the last weeks of senior year I FINALLY ate at the small hole in the wall Korean restaurant I had always wanted to go to on Route 9.

6. Drink with a professor.
I don't think I'd have wanted to...

[check] 7. Go abroad.
I went abroad between sophomore and junior year (I took a year off) but not thought a program at UMass. But I think that's technically the same.

8. Be the upperclassman with the good alcohol.
Does $3 bottles of wine count? Or $10 handles of Rubinoff? Negative.

[check] 9. Use UMass paraphernalia for drinking.
I know I took some shots from various UMass glasses.

[check] 10. Utilize the library.
I worked there for two years at the tutoring center, although I rarely studied there.

[check] 11. Watch each residential area live up to its reputation.
Well I did have an Asian roommate that one year I lived in Northeast. Check.

[check] 12. Tailgate.

13. Collect 10 free t-shirts
I was never early enough to the sporting events for one...

[check] 14. Write something for The Collegian.
I wrote a handful of news articles as a reporter junior/senior year. And who can forget my scathing editorial about people who bashed the Beijing Olympics!

[check] 15. Party in each residential area.

16. Do something funny with a Halloween lobster.
I always just ate mine... (they always served lobster at the Dining Halls on Halloween night)

17. Ride the Zamboni.
...did anyone?

[check] 18. Sing the Fuck ‘em up, Fuck ‘em up, go UMass song.

[check] 19. Get an on-campus job that pays you to do your homework.
That is all I did because no one came in for history tutoring!

[check] 20. Don’t do the readings, but still crush a class.
I'd say I only read for about 10% of my classes and still got A's in the rest.

[check] 21. Sled down Orchard Hill.
Never forget Snow Day '05

[check] 22. Sneak tomorrow’s dinner out of the Dining Commons.
I sneaked out bowls, silverware, trays, food, you name it!

23. Bake a funfetti cake for no reason.

[check] 24. Roadtrip.
Sophomore year spring break roadtrip to Montreal!

[check] 25. Watch the Walk of Shame and contemplate your place in the world.
I'm checking this off since I myself never did it, but I've sent a few people on a morning walk of shame.

Hmm...I've completed 17/25 of these things. I'm satisfied with my college years :)

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  1. love this! such a nice trip down memory lane...