Thursday, January 6, 2011

Witch Hunt

This morning I obtained two boxes of fresh, new pens from the school supplies room. Happily, I put a piece of blue tape around each one to mark each as Mr. Capone's pens. I took a solo cup and taped paper around it labeled "PENS" and placed it on my front desk for students to use if they don't bring one to class. All day the borrowing went well, student names who borrowed went onto the front board, and at the end of each period, the original twelve pens returned home. That is, until last period... home room class! The period started out with a severe broken pencil problem, forcing me to pass out my entire cup of pens to students in a hurry, and causing me to fore-go putting borrower names onto the board. "These are my guys," I naively thought. "They would never try to nab a pen from me."

When class ended, I had someone collect the pencils and another student collect the pens from me. When he passed me back the pen cup, I was shocked to find ten pens sitting there. I confronted everyone to re-check their pockets for my two missing pens. Nothing.

I was saddened. Not about the pens; but that two students would take them from me in such a quick time. What is it with kids and pencils/pens? They're like bars of gold! I said that I wouldn't send anyone into the coat room to get ready to dismiss until I had them returned. That's when the name calling and pointing fingers began, and it turned into a witch hunt for my pens. I would have made them stay all night, but rules require us to be out by 3:10, and one little girl began to tear up when I (half-jokingly) announced we would stay all night if we had to.

In the end, I dismissed with my cup remaining two pens shy.

In other news, it's supposed to snow two inches tonight, and while this is not a lot, from what I've seen so far Philadelphia can NOT handle even the tiniest bit of snow. Therefore, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a snow delay!

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