Friday, February 4, 2011

Date Night

Know what I hate? The after-first date experience. What I find most awkward is when the date is over and you'e both about to head your separate ways home and there's those few seconds of "...well...I had a nice night...see you again?" and then you both awkwardly head in two different directions. Throw in a busy downtown location and it gets even worse.

And then there is the "after-date wait" where you aren't sure if you should wait to make the first word or let them. You think, "well if he had a good time and wants to see me again, then he'll make the first effort to reach out to me." Then after that you instantly realize, "but what if he's thinking the same thing and waiting for me to make the first move?" And then there is an awkward limbo-wait time before someone reaches out to verify a good time was had.

Even after both parties have confirmed a good time was had on said date, there is then the lag before any effort is made to make a follow-up hang out. "Should I suggest another date? But what if he's not interested...?" Or the more commonly thought "well if he's interested he'll set something up" and then again you realize they're probably waiting for you to take the initiative.

I guess in this world there's only one thing to do when dating: grow a pair of balls and hope for the best.

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