Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In the Full Moon's Light

Unexpected snow day yesterday? Amazing. Infected mouth sore that is causing me wicked headaches? Not so amazing. Last Thursday I went out to eat at a Vietnamese noodle restaurant nearby my house and burned my palate on a spring roll of all things. It must have JUST come out of the oven because I tossed it in my mouth, burned the top of my mouth, and felt a piece of skin tear off. Since then it's been sore but healing, but now I think it's infected and I've been up since 4:45AM (after having gone to bed around 1AM) from a headache stemming from my mouth. Not amazing.

I cannot stop reflecting on this past weekend and what a great time I had. I feel as though every moment of the weekend was great: great friends, great places, great food, great everything! From our cheesesteak challenge, to 2AM IHOP meals, to roaming around the city; it was a great weekend. Sad that it's about to be overshadowed by a very stressful half week ahead of me.

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