Monday, March 14, 2011

Eurotrip Baby

I just booked a flight to and from Europe for this summer. My friend Kami and I are going to travel around Europe for twenty days in July, a much-needed vacation after conquering our first year teaching! It's funny how quickly this was decided on - Kami had been thinking of going for a while, but when I visited her in DC this weekend she planted the idea that I should join her. I agreed and thought it would be great, but I NEVER thought I'd have the flight booked within two days...crazy and exciting all mixed into a giant ball.

Our itinerary is to fly from Boston to London and then return from Venice to Boston. In those twenty days we plan to travel around London, Paris, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy. I'm so excited to visit Europe and I've been aiming to travel around Europe for years now and it's finally coming together. All I have to do now is learn some basic Italian for our time in Italy! 

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