Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Working for the Weekend

Will get to the real meat of the post in just a second. But first...

I get home from work today, open up my mailbox and pull out this envelope. It's normal-sized but on the front there is a label that reads "time sensitive material inside - act fast!" I wasn't expecting anything so I was instantly curious as to what was calling me to "act fast." I opened it up ... and it was a pamphlet for penis enhancement. Complete. With. Diagrams. I dropped the booklet to the floor and nearly fell over laughing. How on Earth did my name and address get fed to this place? All I ever get from the mailman are Comcast and electric bills, and here I go getting male enhancement propaganda!? (not that I need it :P)

Anyway, the real icing on the cake was the back of the pamphlet which had conversation bubbles of men who have experienced success with this product. The pamphlet hit the trash after I read how John Doe's "life was changed forever."

So yeah.

Is it the weekend yet? I feel like my life has so many different priorities in it but all I want to do is lie in bed all day, with a warm blanket, fluffy pillows, and a good TV show or movie. That's all I need. Add in some rainy weather and I'll never leave. Is that too much to ask for? Instead I find that I never get this little request and instead I'm giving up weekends to attend grad classes. Give me my life back!

Although, I don't even think I have one anymore. I find that by the time I get home at 4:30 each day, I veg around the house until I go to sleep (which is creeping up to the 9:30 time slot). I don't do anything for work the following day. I don't even play with the thought of doing any grad school work. I do nothing. I watch TV, eat, surf the Internet obsessively, and then crawl into bed.

And I still wake up exhausted each morning!

What are my hobbies? What should I be doing in the afternoons when I feel burnt out from work? How can I stop wasting away my afternoons with mindless entertainment? I need help.

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