Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Sanctity

I read this news article on a few months ago concerning New Hampshire's push to repeal their gay marriage act or what-not. Again, it plagues me to think of all of the really pressing and troubling issues that our country is faced with, and yet we continue to squabble over who can and cannot get married in this "free" nation. While we claim to hold ourselves on a high pedestal as being the "founders of modern democracy" and bringing "freedom" to those around the world, there are people in our own country who are continuously being treated as second-class citizens. The hypocrisy, above all else, is what most infuriates me.

A few quotes from the article that really hit home:

Some opponents said that Massachusetts, which in 2004 became the first state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage, stands as an example of the problems gay marriage can create. Same-sex marriage “has deeply impacted what is taught in schools’’ in Massachusetts, said state Senator Fenton Groen, a Republican.
I cannot get over this. For one thing, Massachusetts has some of the highest standards of education in our nation, and the students in the state have outperformed students in other nations, which is a feat never claimed by the country as a whole (which always falls about twentieth in international rankings). And I would love for clarification over what education and content is actually being "impacted" due to same-sex marriages in the state. Unreal.

“It’s imperative that government only promote the best, most ideal household arrangements,’’ said state Senator Raymond White, a Republican.
Hmm...we need to "promote the best, most ideal household arrangements" in our country. How about the two-thirds of Americans whose marriage ends in divorce - is that the "best, most ideal?" And what is it that makes a same-sex marriage non-ideal? Furthermore, it is not the government's job to do this - and it holds no powers outlined in any government documents to protect the value of household structures. This idiot's quote reeks of religious nonsense, and I'd rather not go off on a separation of church/state rant right now...

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