Wednesday, April 6, 2011

People I Hate #3: Celebrities I Hate (part I)

This post has been a long time coming. First of all, I had anything to do with "celeb-reality" - I couldn't care less what type of lifestyle celebrities are living, who they may or may not be dating, or what they are naming their children. I. Don't. Care. Of course there are many celebrities that I enjoy and think are truly talented, but then there are a handful (well, more than a handful actually) that I can't tolerate. And this post is dedicated to them!

Ryan Seacrest. Yes, he tops the list. He is literally the most annoying personality in the media. Not only is his fake attempt to create suspense on American Idol irritating (and I don't even watch that show!), but he has no apparent talents. While his talents are none, that doesn't stop him from critiquing and following around those who do. As the host of E! News he makes sure to shed spotlight and "poke fun" at celebrity gossip. His appearance bothers me, as does his voice. I can't listen to any top 40 radio stations during the weekend because I'm sure I'll come across his voice as he hosts the billboard charts for the week. 

The Sun Drop girl. Never tried this new (?) soda, and because of their ridiculous commercial, I never will. This commercial runs rampant on MTV, especially during Jersey Shore nights. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest you YouTube it. Hopefully it won't make your blood boil in annoyance like it does to me. The commercial features the girl above drinking Sun Drop, which makes her begin dropping her booty to "Drop it Like it's Hot" in some public locales. The whole time she has this ridiculous look on her face that is somewhere between confusion and cluelessness.

Mike the Situation. Like the Sun Drop girl, I don't consider him a "true" celebrity, but he is in the main stream of American pop culture (sad that our nation's "culture" has come to this) and he seems to be here to stay. I'll admit, I've recently become a mega fan of Jersey Shore, and I honestly enjoy watching the show and enjoy the characters (I say characters because god help that they don't act that way in real life). While I do enjoy Mike "the Situation" on the show, he is by far my least favorite character, and a complete idiot. I get chills of anger watching him try and lie his way out of a "situation" - such as defending his actions of calling Sam out on seeing Arvin because he was "sticking up for his boy." The way he speaks is downright annoying, and he thinks that just because he takes care of his body and has a nice set of abs that that is all he needs to go through life. Honestly, I think Mike is getting a little too old to be creating drama on MTV...

That's all for now, but there will certainly be more coming soon :)

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