Friday, April 22, 2011

People I Hate #4: Hummer Drivers

One thing I fail to understand in America, is our country's obsession with gigantic, out of control automobiles. It seems that the bigger your car, the better (if you can afford the outrageous gas prices). SUVs, giant mini vans, and trucks with enough storage to supply a small country dominate the market. However, the one model that gets me every time I see one on the road is the Hummer.

God tell me, what pray chance is the need for one of these monsters? This tank-like automobile looks more suited to be driving down the streets of Baghdad than Boston. Personally, I don't see the aesthetic of driving one of these machines. Nor do I find the utility of having one. Perhaps if you were in a rugged terrain and could fully utilize the features, but most often I find them in the cities. I just think these are useless and a complete waste of resources and gasoline. They are extravagant and show the lunacy that plagues the automobile craze in America.

In off-topic news, my birthday was yesterday and it was a pretty good day. I went book shopping in the morning by myself (I always try to devote at least part of the day to myself), had a delicious lunch with one of my friends, had yummy yogurt with another amazing friend, and then went out for a few drinks that night. Sadly I've dropped a ton of money this week on food and drinks, and I've probably spent about a quarter of my time in Boston on the MBTA, but I'm really enjoying myself this week! A bit too much so perhaps ... (see post below)

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